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At Adeolu Ajayi Professional Corporation, we know that operating your own business can be very demanding. You may be the sole proprietor or in partnership with someone else. Either way, you must have great business savvy.

Running an auto repair garage is a busy occupation. Let’s face it, we live in a car-driven society and having a working vehicle is critical. So, there’s no shortage of people relying on their auto mechanic.

With all the pressures you have servicing cars, securing parts and keeping customers happy, it’s important to have an expert take care of your accounting needs. Here’s how we can help.

Keeping track of finances

Keeping good financial records is a job in itself! Whether it’s basic bookkeeping, or compiling some of the many financial statements, a professional accountant’s assistance can be invaluable.

Plus, when it comes to income tax preparation and sales tax planning and reporting, the expertise of a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) is truly indispensable. Your CPA has the skillset necessary to accurately and efficiently prepare these reports and put your mind at ease.

Supporting your staff

When you manage an auto repair shop, you most likely have a few staff. Maybe you’ve taken on several apprentices in the shop. The reputation of your business depends on having good mechanics; therefore, you want to keep the best ones employed with you.

With a professional accountant handling your payroll, you can be assured that staff will be paid on time and all benefits and holidays handled properly. If you have an office person to handle payroll, an accounting firm can train them in using accounting software.

Improving the customer experience

Service excellence leads to more referrals and increased business. Proper bookkeeping includes accurate customer invoicing and having sufficient monies on hand to stock, or quickly procure, essential auto parts.

An accountant can perform a budget and cash flow analysis for your business. This will provide advice about where you can maximize your financial resources to best meet your customer demands. It may also show you where you can, perhaps, afford to offer a few perks to your clients to raise your business profile in the industry.

With our experience assisting auto repair businesses across the city of Calgary, we’re confident we can help with all your accounting needs. Please reach out. We’d love to tell you about our services!


Adeolu Ajayi is a Chartered Professional Accountant and the founder of Adeolu Ajayi Professional Corporation. Adeolu provides valuable tax planningaccounting, and income tax preparation services in Calgary, AB, and environs. Call us today for a consultation!

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