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accounting services for real estate in CalgaryIf you are part of the real estate industry in Calgary, you know how challenging it can be to manage your accounting and tax obligations while staying competitive. With various complex aspects to your accounting that need to be regularly balanced, trying to manage it on your own can drain you of time and energy that could be better used elsewhere.

Adeolu Ajayi Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant supports industry professionals across Calgary with effective real estate accounting. Our focused real estate accountant in Calgary will help you manage your numbers, gain an edge in your industry, and realize your goals. With an experienced firm at your back, you'll be able to focus on building and implementing strategies that propel your business forward. Find out more about what our team can do for you when you schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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Our Real Estate Accounting Services

We are delighted to work with many clients in the real estate profession, helping them to maximize cash flow, process financial reporting, and improve profitability and overall business efficiency. Our clients appreciate our team's excellent knowledge of real estate laws and experience with the industry. We support real estate agents, brokerage owners, property management companies, and individual real estate investors.

Our motivation is to help our real estate clients prosper with a wide range of tailored financial services, such as adaptive tax planning strategies to minimize your tax liability. If you're considering expanding your portfolio, we can provide evaluations of possible property acquisitions, as well as dispositions and analysis of different financing methods for your purchase. 

Here is a sample of what our specialized Calgary real estate accounting services include:

  • Financial statements preparation
  • Bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Applications for GST/HST new housing rebates and residential rental property rebates
  • Non-residential real estate investor reporting to CRA
  • Profit and loss summary
  • RECA trust audit
  • Review of sales tax credits and exemptions
  • Self-employment income reporting
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Certificate of compliance for non-residents selling Canadian properties

Supporting Real Estate Professionals With Effective Accounting

As experienced real estate accountants in Calgary, we understand the specific requirements faced by real estate professionals, especially brokerages, property managers, and individual agents. Our team knows how to navigate your needs to deliver customized accounting that keeps your firm optimized, effective, and compliant with Canadian regulations.

Brokerages: On top of keeping your accounts and ledgers in excellent shape, we help you evaluate your numbers and interpret them into useful data you can use to promote your long-term success. Brokerages must be able to assess market trends and act on them, especially during a downturn. We can evaluate your operations and look for cost-effective ways to reduce expenses in lean times so that you come back strong and ready for the next market boom.

Real Estate Agents: As an individual agent, you have a lot to manage on your own. Trying to schedule time for accounting when you could be following leads and closing deals can lead to frustration. We can help you track expenses, prepare budgets, and optimize your books for tax filing. You'll have access to monthly bookkeeping and payroll services, and we can also help you obtain your Certificate of Compliance when handling property owned by non-Canadian residents. At the end of the fiscal year, you can count on us to help you tally the numbers and accurately file your T2 tax forms.

Property Managers: Your job involves overseeing and maintaining property owned by someone else, so meticulous accounting is vital. You're responsible for holding deposits, tracking maintenance expenses, improving the property, and ensuring the property is consistently occupied by tenants. We can support your efforts with reliable accounting that accurately shows the numbers and demonstrates the results of your hard work.

Handling Your RECA Trust Audit

If you're a brokerage or property manager, you know you have to submit a trust audit to RECA within three months of closing out the year. The audit submission standards are highly regulated, and getting something wrong could mean significant trouble for your business. Our Calgary real estate accountants have the experience and attention to detail needed to complete and file your audit so that you maintain compliance with as little interruption to your day-to-day business as possible.

Accounting Services for Realtors in Calgary

business partners shaking handsAs a real estate professional in Calgary, you know that competition is high. You need every advantage that can help you rise to the top and maintain an effective foothold in your industry. Adeolu Ajayi Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant has the commitment to support your efforts and the services you need to be a contender in the real estate business.

Whether you're a real estate agent, brokerage, or property manager, you can count on us to have your back with comprehensive accounting services. We are proactive, responsive to your needs, and invested in your success. Experience our client-first approach and discover why real estate professionals across Calgary have trusted us with their accounting needs. Contact our Calgary accountant to schedule your free consultation today!

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