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Excellent Tax Planning for Calgary Residents & Businesses

Do you feel like you pay too much tax or receiving less of a tax refund that you expected when you file your taxes? Let us help you with purposeful planning to make sure that you know what to expect at tax time. When we understand your needs, we can assist you prepare for a better and more financially secure future.

Our full range of tax planning services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advice on taking advantage of particular investments to produce a lower taxable income
  • Assistance to set up a recordkeeping system that will meet CRA requirements
  • Careful review of your tax situation to identify every tax deduction and tax credit that you deserve on your tax return
  • Development of tax planning strategies throughout the year to lower your tax bill
  • Helping you understand how to defer tax liabilities through RRSP and TFSA contributions, pension plans and other tax deferred plans
  • Reviewing and recommending adjusting tax withholding on your paycheck to accurately reflect your tax situation and let you keep more of your money throughout the year

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