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Trust Audit and Reviews in Calgary, AB

We also provide specialized trust audit solutions. These fall into two important categories that support our clients in particular professional roles.

Start-Up Report for Lawyers

Lawyers who are newly approved to operate a Trust bank account for a beneficiary are required by the Law Society of Alberta to file a Start-Up Report. This critical document must be signed by a Chartered Professional Accountant who has done their due diligence in reviewing and auditing the Trust. It must also be submitted within a specific time period. We are very familiar with Start-Up Report filing, having considerable experience with their completion.

RECA Trust Audit for Real Estate Professionals

In compliance with the Real Estate Council of Alberta’s requirements, an audit is required of a brokerage’s record keeping and accounting practices. This includes trust account practices and overall record completeness. We regularly assist Real Estate Brokerages, and Mortgage Brokerages with the RECA Trust Audit.

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